A revolutionary word that combines volunteering and tourism, and the new way to travel.

You travel for sightseeing and an exploring, and also cultural immersion by spending a few hours each day working on an exciting project.

If you want to travel to the Faroe Islands and learn the legendary craft of boatbuilding, then this is your golden opportunity!

You will get the once in a lifetime chance to participate in the building of a replica of a giant Vikingship. Join a group of voluntaries, learn the ancient craft and explore Faroe Islands at the same time.

History will forever record your efforts, and you will be handed a certificate after 2 weeks of volunteering. A prof of participation and learning from two of the best boatbuilders in Norther Europe.

You will be in the good hands of professional boat builders, which will assist and teach you the ancient craft of boatbuilding, the Viking way. The honor in participating in the building in the largest Vikingship ever discovered will be yours.

Traveling in the Breathtaking Faroe Islands and learning the Faroese culture is a one of a kind adventure, that will broaden your horizons. Enjoy free accommodation and food, get new friends, explore, party and enjoy the Faroe Islands with 7-8 other young voluntaries.

While participating in the construction of the great Gokstad, you are among the pioneers reviving the Viking shipbuilding tradition. You will learn to melt iron nails in antique fashion, chop wood, and form a beautiful longboat. The legendary longboat which made the Vikings the most legendary explores of our date.

If this is for you. Send us an email at info@thevikingship.com