The Víkingaskip association has signed agreements with Guðmund Sjúrðarson Norðbúð and Thomas Finderup. Both are experienced boatbuilders and have experience in building viking ships.

It will be Guðmundur Sjúrðarson Norðbúð who will be the master boatbuilder and after him Thomas Finderup.


Gudmundurs fascination with boatbuilding started when he got into Faroese Row sport, 2006-2010.

Rowing with traditional Faroese Boats is Faroe Islands national sport. Young and old get obsessed with rowing in the Faroe Islands, and the whole country radio when the rowing competition starts, the winners are found on the national holiday, with huge crowds charring on.

Guðmund knew that he wanted to become a craftsman and had worked on different projects crafting with timber. But the one thing he truly enjoyed was boat building. He enjoyed the aesthetics and the art of forming a beautiful traditional Faroes row-boat.

In comparison, other timberwork just seemed boring.

In 2010 he moved to Norway and started at the boatbuilder school at Fosen. In 2011 he moved to Denmark and started an internship at Frederikstads Maritime Center.

At the center he participated in the construction of everything from, smaller rowing boats, to large Sailboats. He has also participated in the construction of a few Viking-Longboats.

He ended his apprenticeship building his own Traditional Faroese Boat.

After 3,5 years in the Center, was officially q boatbuilder, stayed, and worked in the centered for 2,5 years afterwards.

After 8 years abroad, Guðmundur returned to the Faroe Islands in true Viking fashion. Together with his father he sailed back to Denmark, the two of them all alone on the open sea, sailing home in a small boat buidt by Guðmundur himself.

Back in the Faroe Islands he founded a small boatbuilding company, where he worked on the restauration of many Faroese and Danish boats. His biggest project until now, and what he is famed for, is the great restauration of the Sailboat Norðlysið. Vi are proud to have Guðmundur on our team as one of our main boatbuilders.

Thomas Finderup

Thomas Finderup has built boats for 36 years and is probably the most distinguished boatbuilder in Scandinavia.

His boatbuilder journey started when he purchased a small wooden boat and restored it. The restauration developed to a true passion for boatbuilding.

He applied for an internship and got a possession in Norway building clinker boats.

Finderup worked for Rigsantikvaren, a Norwegian fund that does work and gives grants funds for restauration and preservation of Old Ships. Later Finderup worked for the Medieval Center in Denmark for 4 years, where he reconstructed medieval ships and boats.

His most famed project was the reconstruction of Oseberg Vikingship, a very famous Longboat found in a burial mound.

Has built and made restorations on many Vikingships in Norway and for the Vikings Museum in Roskilde.

Combined Finderup has spent over 9 years building Vikingships.

He also wrote a book on building Viking ships and Viking history. Saga Oseberg, reconstruction of a Vikingship, 2018.

Combined Finderup has spent over 9 years building Vikingships.

He also wrote a book on building Viking ships and Viking history. Saga Oseberg, reconstruction of a Vikingship, 2018.

The book is about the reconstruction of Oseberg Vikingship, the best preserved Vikingship ever discovered.

In the book he goes into the immense historical importance of the discovery, as the well-preserved finding inside the ship revealed a lot about the lifestyle of the Vikings, especially female Vikings, as thy fond two well preserved skeletons with a lot of jewelry and personal belongings.