Geir Magne Røvik (Photo: Tordis Ødbehr)

The Viking Ship has signed a cooperation contract with the renowned boatbuilder Geir Magne Røvik from Tønsberg, Norway. He will be our project manager, and in charge of the construction

About Geir Magne Røvik:
Geir Magne Røvik served his apprenticeship as a boatbuilder at the boatbuilderschool “Rogan” in Saltdal, Nordland, and he has be working as a boatbuilder since 1979 routine tips. He was one of the founders, and interesting cause and effect topics daily leader at the “Stiftelsen Nytt Osebergskip” until December 2014, and he had the responsibility of building the Saga Oseberg that was launched in June 2012.

Furthermore Geir Magne Røvik was part of the preliminary project for Saga Oseberg.

Afterward he has been working on the reconstruction of “Klåstadskipet” which is also being built in Tønsberg, Norway.

At the moment Geir Magne Røvik is working at his own boatbuildery in Nøtterøy, Norway.

In addition to Geir there will also be other boatbuilders connected to the project. Both faroese and from abroad.