About the project

The purpose of this project is to build the first Faroese viking ship ever. Furthermore there will be built a boathouse.

The ship will have homeport in Hov which was the viking capital of the Faroe Islands. In Hov you can see remains from the Vikingage, such as the Asatemple and what is believed to be chieftain Hovgrímur’s grave, beside the grave of his horse. Hence we believe that Hov is the right port for the viking ship.

As part of our work to gather knowledge and to find out which ship was the most suitable for Faroese conditions the board has been in Denmark and Norway and established cooperation with people with specialized knowledge in viking ship building. Everyone have the own opinion about the sailing characteristics and what is the best when sailing on open waters betwee the islands of the Faroe Islands. The demand was to find a ship with sail and ors. It didn’t take long before we agreed on the Tune ship that was found in Sarpsborg in Norway.

The reason for undertaking this project , is becasue we believe that the Faroese people must have their own viking ship as all of our neighbours in northern Europe. Furthermore we fear that this periode in the faroese history is slowly vanishing. With this project we can hopefully increase the interest in the vikings and the viking age, but also in order to establish a cultural center for knowledge and learning the old trades and handicraft and carry them on to future generations.